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Decor Screens

71" x 35.5"

We manufacture six decorative screen designs in this size. All of these are available only in Charcoal color. We do not manufacture any other sizes or colors in the six designs shown below.



The abstract design of the Riverbank decorative screen shown below conjures scattered pebbles by the water’s edge. It lets through a dappled light while providing additional privacy. Available in Charcoal color only. 63% block-out.

Riverbank 71" x 35.5"


The striking forest silhouettes of the Woodland decorative screen shown below bring a creative touch to any setting while still allowing through plenty of light. It makes for a beautiful garden partition or an eye-catching piece of wall art for inside the home. Available in Charcoal color only. 58% block-out.

Woodland 71" x 35.5"


The Jungle decoraive screen shown below lives up to its name with an arresting leaf design. It complements its surroundings outdoors and adds a point of contrast indoors. Available in Charcoal color only. 58% block-out.

Jungle 71" x 35.5"


The attractive leafy design of the Tangle decorative screen shown below makes it an ideal choice for installation in the garden, or for bringing the garden inside. The delicate detailing gives it a classic feel. Available in Charcoal color only. 70% block-out.

Tangle 71" x 35.5"


The intricate patterning of the Orbit decorative screen shown below is reminiscent of Moroccan tiles. It provides substantial coverage for added privacy and looks stunning when wall-mounted. Available in Charcoal color only. 71% block-out.

Orbit 71" x 35.5"


The geometric circle pattern of the Halo decorative screen shown below has a contemporary edge with an Eastern feel. It looks great on its own and stunning when used in multiple to divide a larger space or cover a wall. Available in Charcoal color only. 52% block-out.

Halo 71" x 35.5"